1. The goal of the challenge is to complete 10 generations of Sims whose lives are directly influenced by wheel spins.
  2. The wheel should be spun once per sim day and will directly affect your founder/heir.
  3. No cheats can be used unless they are necessary in fulfilling the wheel spin of the day.
  4. If you spin an outcome that requires a pack you don't have, spin again.
  5. Feel free to revamp the wheel between heirs to fit their personality and ensure you spin things you've never done before. You can do this on the Customize page
  6. Heirs will be decided by wheel spin. You can spin the wheel for the heir whenever you choose but they will not be directly affected by the wheel's outcome until they're a young adult.
  7. For an increase in difficulty you can use the optional spin for toddlers, children, and teens in your household.